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After completing her honours year at university (computer game development if anyone's interested) Anna makes her triumphant return to video game journalism! For more wonderful things by Anna check her website at

Why Bad Textures Are A Good Thing

There have been lots of complaints about Dragon Age: Inquisition’s texture pop in and how it’s apparently “terrible” and “detracts from the experience”. These people were destined to have the subtle point fly straight over their head from the beginning but I’m here to try and help you understand.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms – Preview (PC)

The idea of multi-layer gameplay has been thrown around a lot in the past. Switching characters to change your skill sets for different situations or even to change the world around you and the formula usually works. Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms makes it shine.

Squids Odyssey – Review (3DS)

A little while back we reviewed Squids Odyssey on the Wii U after its triumphant leap to consoles from the mobile world. This week we took a look at the 3DS version and well, it’s pretty much the same but smaller. Take that however you will.

TUG – Preview (PC)

Open world survival sandbox is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days. From the blocky landscapes of Minecraft to the more smooth worlds of Blockscape, the two dimensional fantasy world of Terraria to the space travelling world of Space Engineers. The genre has boomed like an exploding septic tank, with Tug being the latest nugget to land in our hands.