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After completing her honours year at university (computer game development if anyone's interested) Anna makes her triumphant return to video game journalism! For more wonderful things by Anna check her website at

The Forest – Preview (PC)

In The Forest, you play as a plane crash victim whose son has been kidnapped by naked cannibals. So your first course of action should be to eat some berries and construct a shelter, like The Swiss Family Robinson except with cannibals instead of Christian values.

Scourge: Outbreak – Review (PC)

Looking for a new game to play is much like fishing. Sometimes you’ll catch a tasty salmon with its high fidelity scales and stunning photorealistic movements. Other times you’ll catch a beautiful tiny fish that has so many colours and is such a quirky little thing you can’t help but mount it on the wall. Then there are the brown fish. A zoologist would tell you they are all different species but it’s hard to tell. The brown coated Gearow, the brown grey Cod and the splurge coated Scourge: Outbreak (Lat: Scourgious Shittius).

Darksiders 2 – Review (Wii U)

The story this time round involves Death (You) cleaning up War’s mess and clearing his good name before he is tried by the Charred Council On your journey to clean up War’s mess (I.E Resurrect humanity), you will face angels, demons and a plethora of creatures too stupid to fear the reaper.

Windforge – Review (PC)

Windforge brings a lot of new ideas to the crafting/platformer table, which is refreshing when you see the amount of stale clones out there. If you want to be a steampunk Captain Ahab chasing the white sky whale through the seven skies or if gutting whales and piloting them like some Leatherface parody. Then this is the game for you.

Tower of Guns – Review (PC)

In recent years there has been a surge of games delightfully titled “Masocore”. The concept being, “If I don’t cry with frustration, it ain’t hard enough.” Tower of Guns flies the latex masocore flag with pride and it deserves to.