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After completing her honours year at university (computer game development if anyone's interested) Anna makes her triumphant return to video game journalism! For more wonderful things by Anna check her website at

Tower of Guns – Review (PC)

In recent years there has been a surge of games delightfully titled “Masocore”. The concept being, “If I don’t cry with frustration, it ain’t hard enough.” Tower of Guns flies the latex masocore flag with pride and it deserves to.

Video Games & The Unhealthy Obsession With Breasts

The only way to stop this standardisation of breasts and repression of female characters is to stand up to these tits and demand characters with varying personalities and physiques. Make your voice heard in the comments of video game trailers and on news articles. Write angry letters, not emails, actual letters and deliver them by hand.

Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender – Review (PC)

Throw in some eerie level design that gives the impression that humans used to exist but have had their civilisation destroyed, and you get a game that is cute, fun and evil to the core. So, pretty much the perfect description of cats.

Maia – Preview (PC)

After a successful Kickstarter last year, Maia has released into the treacherous waters of the Steam early access. Currently the game includes little more than basic base building, colonist AI, environmental effects and a beautiful lighting engine. Much like dungeon keeper 2 you do not control colonists directly, instead choosing what/where to build and telling your robot where to dig. It is also clearly inspired by Dungeon Keeper 2 as there are many subtle references, the model of robot that you use to dig is called I.M.P after the iconic imps from Dungeon Keeper and the main food source are hyper modified chickens. Much better than the boring old normal chickens of yore!