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Hi, I'm Kevin and I like to write about things; video games are one of those things. If you're reading this then one of my articles is probably up there (scroll up!) and it's even more probably related to a PlayStation product. Right now, I game my games on Vita and PS4. I also like burritos. Goodbye!

The Talos Principle is philosophically phantastic

From the creators of the Serious Sam series – Croatian game devs Croteam – The Talos Principle puts players in the nuts and bolts of a sentient AI, placed in a metaphysical world by Elohim (your self-proclaimed God) to solve puzzles and ascend to a higher plane.

Until Dawn is Scarily Good

Supermassive Games builds on the groundwork laid out by Quantic Dream, exceeds it and gives gamers a unique, special experience in – what will surely be their coming out party – teen slasher, survival horror game Until Dawn.