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I have grown up playing games. I was never that good at them, but they've always been my release from stress and have never failed to cheer me up. It's always been fun looking at games, asking "Why didn't they do that" or simply question a design choice for me. It's been something i like doing, though it never fails to annoy my friends who are playing the game. I love playing games I'm bad at, while I'm stuck on a level I can take the time to really look at all aspects of the game, the different mechanics I can use and even listen tot he music if it sounds good. tl;dr? I love playing games. I am not good at most games, but I love trying to figure them out or see what they did wrong.

Star Conflict – Preview (PC)

Star Conflict is a welcome change in the Space Simulator community, one which is filled with EVE Online and The Old Republic players. Star Conflict isn’t as easy and carefree as The Old Republic, while at the same time it isn’t as time-consuming and hard as EVE Online can be. You can sit down and devote an entire day to Star Conflict, or play a couple matches against some friends to total strangers and walk away with no repercussions.

The Red Solstice – Early Access Review (PC)

The Red Solstice should be a warning to other development teams of the caution and action that needs to be taken when your game has an overwhelmingly toxic community. These players should be put on wanted posters and rooted out before they can strangle a community as they have in Red Solstice. Once they are there, the Moderators and Developers should do their damned hardest to make them leave.

Goldbeard – Review (PC)

Goldbeard is but a simple blacksmith, in his workshop working away on some new tool when the Queen bursts in. She is quick to inform him that the king’s part has gone out of control! Why they’ve spent all the gold! Not just a big problem, we can make more. They’ve ate all the food! That’s not so bad, we’ll grow more. They’ve drank ALL the ale! THEY’VE WHAT!? That alone gives us our incentive to go forth on this mighty quest.

Insurgency – Review (PC)

If the name ‘Insurgency’ sounds familiar, that is because it is the follow-up to the very popular ‘INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat’ total conversion mod for Valve Software’s Source Engine. We have played a lot of Insurgency this past week and it has been a treat. The game is far from perfect, however, it has true potential – a trait lacking in a lot of games these days..

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Review (Xbox One)

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (M:TCoB) was developed by the award-winning team at Press Play. They are perhaps best known for the Max & the Magic Marker series, M:TCoB is a sequel which adds new gameplay aspects, on the all-new Xbox One console.. M:TCoB starts out with Max coming home, only to find his annoying brother Felix destroying his toys. In typical Labyrinth fashion, Max quickly finds a spell from the internet to rid himself of this problem. As in the Labyrinth, he quickly realizes what a bad idea that is as a rift opens in his room, from which a huge hand appears, only to snatch away his brother. Without hesitation Max leaps in after the beast, in pursuit of his brother.

Velocity Ultra – Review (PC)

Velocity Ultra is a shoot ’em up created by FuturLab, a small game-designing company that has been making games since 2007. They got their break when Sony gave them a chance to create games for Sony devices such as the Playstation, the PSP and the Vita. Velocity Ultra is a high-definition remake of the game, Velocity that was released on the PSP. Velocity Ultra includes numerous new features and the graphics have been completely reworked to work with the high-definition of the PS Vita. This isn’t a review for Velocity on the Vita however, how does it hold up on PC?