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I'm Ryan and I'm the most Indie one of the group.A life long passion of mine; video-games have always been a major part of my life. In recent years I have tired of most big-budget, AAA titles. Now I seek out the niche, the bizarre, the games nobody knows about. Indie gaming is my scene.I'm also the owner and admin of this fine website. Thanks for visiting us! :DI am always looking for something exciting to bring our readers.I'm a gamer from the womb to the tomb, baby!

Lovely Weather We’re Having – in small bursts

  There’s something wonderful about Lovely Weather We’re Having, by Julian Glander. Maybe it has something to do with the bright pastel colours, off-the-wall characters and adorable little pug that faithfully follows you wherever you…

5 Nights of Development (If That) – Naninights

This game is a product of the “me-too” generation, where no marketplace can be too overcrowded. It’s a quick cash-in farted out in a couple of days and then shat out on the Steam storefront. For the love of God, don’t buy it.

An Act of Mindslaughter – Murder

Moorhead’s depiction of Neo Tokyo is striking. It’s a world where human life and robots are at an intersection. For every human living life and consuming autonomously, there’s a machine reaching sentience and becoming aware of itself.

A Game of Meditative Mindfulness: Expand

Whether it’s the flawless weaving, and entrancing soundtrack from Duet, or the sophisticated, blacked out levels of Thomas Was Alone, it’s quite clear that the game’s developers have spent some time studying their contemporaries.