Category: Non-Indie Reviews

Resogun – Review (PS Vita)

The Playstation 4 launched back in 2013 with a so-so lineup of accompanying titles, but surprisingly the jewel in its crown wasn’t a big-budget, AAA game.  Instead, Resogun, by Housemarque, became the true standout launch…

The Sun and Moon – Review (PC)

t’s the very epitome of videogame masochism and punishes far more than it rewards – unless you can give it the ample time required to master its 150+ levels. It’s one of those games that really makes you work for your gratification.

This War of Mine – Review (PC)

This War of Mine turns things on its head, you aren’t a soldier, kitted out in the latest combat gear, you’re an average group of citizens trapped amongst the fighting, doing whatever is necessary to survive. It’s brutal, thought-provoking, and yet another sign that games have matured as an art medium.

Sneaky Sneaky – Review (PC)

Whether you are young or old, hardcore or casual, Sneaky Sneaky is a compelling little proposition. It’s the perfect game to play a few levels at a time and leave running on your desktop. Kids will eat up its cartoon aesthetic whilst finding the gameplay accessible, and adults will enjoy the versatility of its combat. Pick it up on Steam, it’s a steal!