Category: Non-Indie Reviews

Daylight – Review (PC/PS4)

Lighting and visual effects are superb and immensely atmospheric. Light shafts shining through boarded up windows, and the glowstick bouncing off of glass doors are particularly impressive. By and large though, it’s a disappointing debut for Unreal Engine 4,

Darksiders 2 – Review (Wii U)

The story this time round involves Death (You) cleaning up War’s mess and clearing his good name before he is tried by the Charred Council On your journey to clean up War’s mess (I.E Resurrect humanity), you will face angels, demons and a plethora of creatures too stupid to fear the reaper.

Drunken Robot Pornography – Review (PC)

Drunken Robot Developers? While heavy on the drunken robots, Drunken Robot Pornography is, to our  chagrin, quite light on the pornography. Developer Dejobaan may not be serving up hot metallic ass, but they have pieced together…