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Games of the Unexpected: The Weirdest Slot Machines you’ll Ever Play

Slot machines are perhaps the most versatile casual games, capable of putting on basically any look and feel their developers can think of. Still, most slot machines stick to “safe” topics like gold, riches, Egypt…

Microgaming Previews Two Delayed Games for January

  Isle of Man based game developer Microgaming, providing quality titles for Royal Vegas Online Casino and other similar gaming portals, has made the announcement for the games it plans to release next year. To…

The Talos Principle is philosophically phantastic

From the creators of the Serious Sam series – Croatian game devs Croteam – The Talos Principle puts players in the nuts and bolts of a sentient AI, placed in a metaphysical world by Elohim (your self-proclaimed God) to solve puzzles and ascend to a higher plane.