Lovely Weather We’re Having – in small bursts

  There’s something wonderful about Lovely Weather We’re Having, by Julian Glander. Maybe it has something to do with the bright pastel colours, off-the-wall characters and adorable little pug that faithfully follows you wherever you…

5 Nights of Development (If That) – Naninights

This game is a product of the “me-too” generation, where no marketplace can be too overcrowded. It’s a quick cash-in farted out in a couple of days and then shat out on the Steam storefront. For the love of God, don’t buy it.

An Act of Mindslaughter – Murder

Moorhead’s depiction of Neo Tokyo is striking. It’s a world where human life and robots are at an intersection. For every human living life and consuming autonomously, there’s a machine reaching sentience and becoming aware of itself.