Element4l – Review (PC)

My first impression of Element4l was that of an incredibly generic indie ‘art game’, in which the main focus was the artistic styling of the game. Usually in such games, the game-play takes second field and I’m left with a feeling of disappointment. Element4l couldn’t be farther from that if it tried. Utilising an interesting mechanic which has you changing between four elements, each with their own attributes in order to solve puzzles sounds simple – and it is – but that doesn’t make Element4l an easy game.

E3 2013 – CIG’s Top Picks

E3 2013 has finally come to a close. Now that the show is over and all the games have been announced, I’m going to go over what we felt was best of show at E3 2013 and our own personal favourites. There were almost 200 games announced at this E3, with possibly the most quality titles I’ve personally seen at any E3. Without further ado, here are the five games we here at CIG feel have stolen the show.

State of Decay – Preview (360)

In terms of open-world zombie games, there have been a few. Before it there was Dead Island, DayZ and ZombiU, all of which captured at least some elements required. Step forth State of Decay. With fresh ideas and a long history of culture to build off of, State of Decay has done well for itself. While survival is often a part of these games, it usually isn’t the main focus. State of Decay implements survival as mechanics where you must scavenge for food, medicine and weapons to keep you and your fellow survivors alive. In order to do this, the main focus of the game has been set around a home base which you can upgrade with items you’ll go out scavenging for. Scavenging also has a lot of the focus as it is essential to maintaining and upgrading your base. As important as a base is, it’s almost as important to strategically place outposts to help thin out the hordes of zombies and give you temporary respite.