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Rootin’, Tootin’ and Shootin’ in Westerado: Double Barreled

In Westerado: Double Barreled you’ll choose your side, be it with the native Americans or the oil tycoon, become a hero or a villain, and pull your gun out in mid-conversation for no other damn reason than you felt like it.

Soundodger+ – Review (PC)

In Soundodger+, you are assaulted with music. You play a circle contained within a larger circle which has more circles on the outside. The larger circle is the play area and the circles on the outside launch projectiles at you. Your goal is to dodge them for the duration of the song. Akin to Bullethell Shooters, projectiles will come at you in patterns which often need to be dodged in specific ways. If you do happen to be hit with a projectile, the song will fast-forward a little bit and give you a short period of invulnerability – this is one of the nicest touches in the game as it’s seamless and quick.