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Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition – Review (PC)

Kids will have no problems with looking past the game’s glaring issues that we adults might not. Pick Last Knight up on PC for the little ones and, if you are a runner fan yourself, download the mobile version, it’s much more at home there..

Z-Run – Review (PS Vita)

The endless runner scourge has made its way from smartphones, to PC, and even to consoles. The genre has seen countless different settings and themes injected into it for flavour, but this is the first time (that we are aware of) that we have ever seen it cross-contaminate with the vile zombie hordes.

Race The Sun – Review (PC)

Race The Sun has you dodging obstacles. Much like the initial state of the game, in the first region, they’re simple. As you advance regions, obstacles begin to move. Moving obstacles are coloured red and are easy to spot, but the direction or pattern they’ll move in isn’t always so easy to figure out. Moving obstacles isn’t the only trick the game has up its sleeve to ensure you fail. Some regions are based on shadows and will funnel you down difficult paths and fishing out a mistake, or pressuring you into the shadows where you’ll slow to a halt without sunlight. Shadows aren’t the only way to lose sunlight. As you are racing the sun, it can eventually reach the point where the sun sets, rendering you incapable of moving unless you manage to find a sun pick-up.