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5 Nights of Development (If That) – Naninights

This game is a product of the “me-too” generation, where no marketplace can be too overcrowded. It’s a quick cash-in farted out in a couple of days and then shat out on the Steam storefront. For the love of God, don’t buy it.

Until Dawn is Scarily Good

Supermassive Games builds on the groundwork laid out by Quantic Dream, exceeds it and gives gamers a unique, special experience in – what will surely be their coming out party – teen slasher, survival horror game Until Dawn.

Daylight – Review (PC/PS4)

Lighting and visual effects are superb and immensely atmospheric. Light shafts shining through boarded up windows, and the glowstick bouncing off of glass doors are particularly impressive. By and large though, it’s a disappointing debut for Unreal Engine 4,

BlackSoul – Review (PC)

BlackSoul is an PC indie horror game developed by Xenios Vision, and is currently available via ditigal distribution service Desura. The game is set in the town of BlackWood which is subject to strange happenings and has the player take control of two siblings as the story unfolds.