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TUG – Preview (PC)

Open world survival sandbox is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days. From the blocky landscapes of Minecraft to the more smooth worlds of Blockscape, the two dimensional fantasy world of Terraria to the space travelling world of Space Engineers. The genre has boomed like an exploding septic tank, with Tug being the latest nugget to land in our hands.

Dwarven Delve – Kickstarter (iOS, Droid, PC, Mac)

As previously mentioned in our PAX Prime Indie MEGABOOTH coverage, Dwarven Delve has now entered its kickstarter funding period. The Action-puzzle-crawler has already drummed up a lot of interest — and with good reason. With the ability to pick four of six dwarves each time you delve, it’s up to you to come up with a strategy to get in, get the loot and get out before the dungeon becomes the end of you. Dwarves are resourceful, and your party is no exception to this, with abilities ranging from damage buffs to misdirection to healing, you have the tools needed to make it, but do you have the noggin?

Spark Rising (PC/Mac) – Kickstarter

In Spark Rising you will play from a third-person perspective in a voxel-based world. The difference in this world is that there isn’t just a focus on the creation of things, there’s also a large focus on the combat aspects of the game. Your goal is to defend your fortress — similar to a tower defence game — from the invading forces. Spark rising features deployable defences which can be built between waves, and exo-suits which allow you to combat the enemy as a more powerful entity. Exo-suits are large mechanical suits which will give different powers based on their class. Spark Rising also features Conquest Mode in which you aim to build an empire, trying to take out opposing planets while defending your own.

Contagion (PC) – Kickstarter

Zombie games are a massive thing in mainstream media. Games have, at this point, long been doing zombies and it has been done from multiple angles. Contagion is attempting Zombie Survival. Taking some influence from games like Left 4 Dead and the ‘zombies’ mode often seen in FPS games. The game takes place on randomly generated maps, allowing both old and new players to be on a level playing field. The game focuses on competitive co-operation, allowing players to play as both humans and zombies. When playing zombies, players will be able to call and blend in to hordes — allowing the AI to take over, fooling players into believing they’re relatively safe — then pounce!

Golem Arcana (Tabletop) – Kickstarter

Golem Arcana will take Tabletop combat games and combine them with technology to create a novice-friendly Tabletop game in which the rules are dealt with for you. To achieve this, the game will utilise the TDI (tabletop digital interface) stylus which will be able to recognise tabletop elements such as the golems and tiles and display relevant stats. It will also deal with rule elements such as attack calculations — essentially bringing the rule knowledge requirement to a minimum. Never again will there be an arguement over whether or not that figure was actually in range or not — or at least that’s the idea.

Icebound: A Visual Novel – Kickstarter

Icebound: A Visual Novel is indie developer Fastermind Games’ attempt to open the genre to a wider audience, and it’s not their first forray into the Visual Novel world, you can play that here. Icebound has a steampunk/dark fantasy setting which takes place during an ice age. The game will feature puzzles and full voice-acting. Interestingly, LittleKuriboh of Youtube fame will be playing the main character — Dougal. Personally, I’m really interested in seeing what they do with this setting.