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Everything Is (Kinda) Awesome In Lego Minifigures Online

To get you going in Lego Minifigures Online you’re given a choice from a handful of starter characters and then thrust into a world of adventure, fun and mercilessly unrelenting product placement – but that was to be expected.

Star Conflict – Preview (PC)

Star Conflict is a welcome change in the Space Simulator community, one which is filled with EVE Online and The Old Republic players. Star Conflict isn’t as easy and carefree as The Old Republic, while at the same time it isn’t as time-consuming and hard as EVE Online can be. You can sit down and devote an entire day to Star Conflict, or play a couple matches against some friends to total strangers and walk away with no repercussions.

The Castle Doctrine – Review (PC)

The front door slams open, darkness obscures all but the corridor in front of me. Meticulously I scrutinise the walls for other rooms, knowing that behind any of the doors lays certain death. I tentatively enter a room to find a cowering family before me. Mother, daughter and son scramble out , making a break for the front door. A close call; had they owned a gun, I would be dead. I continued further down the hall, peaking through another door; to my dismay, I was face to face with a bloodthirsty pit bull. Hot on my heels, the ravenous beast chased me back through the hallway and out of the house. I returned home, a little worse for wear, but empty-handed. Crossing the threshold, a pool of blood encircled my shoes. While I was out, my wife had been murdered, and my savings stolen. This is brutal. This is The Castle Doctrine.