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Big Mouth Strikes Again: The Idiotic Activity Files

It seems that, in recent times, us gamers can’t go a week without starting some kind of controversy or tempest in a teapot. With the flames of Gamergate burning ever brighter, especially in light of alleged death threats, the last thing gamers needed was another schism. But that’s exactly what has been delivered unto us, making gamers everywhere look like loose cannons. If you weren’t already aware, this past week saw Mike Maulbeck, developer of Paranautical Activity and co-owner of Code Avarice, tweet death threats to Gabe Newell.

Paranautical Activity (Finally) Hits Steam

After a long, long, long time on Greenlight Paranautical Activity finally hit Steam today. Lumped in with nearly 100 other games greenlit for the services first birthday, Paranautical Activity has staggered past the finish line and is available for purchase.