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Infested Planet – Review (PC)

Infested Planet is a Real-Time Strategy game set in the future developed by Rocket Bear Games. A platoon of hardened space marines are deployed on a hostile alien planet, host to a rampaging horde of xenoforms and, as you might have guessed, they aren’t the friendliest of critters.

Kenshi – Preview (PC)

When you hear “open world RPG RTS”, you probably wonder what the hell that means. Well, Kenshi has the general presentation and systems of an rts, allowing you to move units, build a base and battle from a higher plane of existence. Unlike an rts, you’re not controlling a bunch of no-name, replaceable lackeys. Each unit in Kenshi is treated as importantly as the next. This treatment doesn’t end with units belonging to you. Each unit you own and recruit starts no stronger than the weakest of NPCs – though you may be able to recruit some more skilled individuals, for a price. This is where the RPG elements come into play. Each unit has their own unique level, skills and inventory.

Divinity: Dragon Commander – Review (PC)

Dragon Commander throws you into a sibling feud that will have an effect on an entire empire. Your father Sigurd helmed this empire and was first to bring peace to the land, but peace never lasts. Sigurd has been murdered and his children all vie for the throne. You – his half-dragon bastard son – are one of the children aiming for the throne, but there’s a difference. You have the backing of Sigurd’s long-time friend and counsellor – Maxos. With his aid and his ship – The Raven – you aim to build up a team of generals and political officials to help bring the realm under your control. The war must be fought on two fronts; the battlefield and with your policies. You won’t last long as an emperor if your subjects hate you.