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Zenzizenzic is a Heavenly Bullethell Shooter

There’s real beauty in the game’s simplicity and how its individually simple design elements combine to create something gorgeous to look at. Pair it with Bignic’s eclectic, bass-heavy soundtrack and you’ve got a game that apes its contemporaries but still manages to break off in a direction of its own.


Velocity Ultra – Review (PC)

Velocity Ultra is a shoot ’em up created by FuturLab, a small game-designing company that has been making games since 2007. They got their break when Sony gave them a chance to create games for Sony devices such as the Playstation, the PSP and the Vita. Velocity Ultra is a high-definition remake of the game, Velocity that was released on the PSP. Velocity Ultra includes numerous new features and the graphics have been completely reworked to work with the high-definition of the PS Vita. This isn’t a review for Velocity on the Vita however, how does it hold up on PC?