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The Castle Doctrine – Review (PC)

The front door slams open, darkness obscures all but the corridor in front of me. Meticulously I scrutinise the walls for other rooms, knowing that behind any of the doors lays certain death. I tentatively enter a room to find a cowering family before me. Mother, daughter and son scramble out , making a break for the front door. A close call; had they owned a gun, I would be dead. I continued further down the hall, peaking through another door; to my dismay, I was face to face with a bloodthirsty pit bull. Hot on my heels, the ravenous beast chased me back through the hallway and out of the house. I returned home, a little worse for wear, but empty-handed. Crossing the threshold, a pool of blood encircled my shoes. While I was out, my wife had been murdered, and my savings stolen. This is brutal. This is The Castle Doctrine.