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Spark Rising (PC/Mac) – Kickstarter

In Spark Rising you will play from a third-person perspective in a voxel-based world. The difference in this world is that there isn’t just a focus on the creation of things, there’s also a large focus on the combat aspects of the game. Your goal is to defend your fortress — similar to a tower defence game — from the invading forces. Spark rising features deployable defences which can be built between waves, and exo-suits which allow you to combat the enemy as a more powerful entity. Exo-suits are large mechanical suits which will give different powers based on their class. Spark Rising also features Conquest Mode in which you aim to build an empire, trying to take out opposing planets while defending your own.

Super Sanctum TD Review (PC)

Super Sanctum TD – unlike Sanctum – is a traditional Tower Defence game played from an isometric perspective. When you first start the game, you are met with a short tutorial explaining the control systems and general idea behind the game which take only a few minutes to complete. The idea is to build platforms to force the waves to take the longest route and build towers on top of the platforms to stop the enemy waves reaching the core.