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Hatoful Boyfriend – Review (PC)

Hatoful Boyfriend is just like any other game of its genre but with a really weird twist. It features simple controls, nice hand-dawn graphics mixed with some photos, and a compelling if not bizarre story that makes good use of your choices.

Icebound: A Visual Novel – Kickstarter

Icebound: A Visual Novel is indie developer Fastermind Games’ attempt to open the genre to a wider audience, and it’s not their first forray into the Visual Novel world, you can play that here. Icebound has a steampunk/dark fantasy setting which takes place during an ice age. The game will feature puzzles and full voice-acting. Interestingly, LittleKuriboh of Youtube fame will be playing the main character — Dougal. Personally, I’m really interested in seeing what they do with this setting.