Rymdkapsel Review (PSVita)

Rymdkapsel  is a touch-screen RTS making its way to PSN (iOS and Android versions are planned for later this year). The game is developed by Grapefrukt who previously developed A-steroids4k and Tektonik.
RYMDKAPSEL 04Rymdkapsel is a non-traditional RTS in which you build a space station with the goal of expanding to explore the galaxy. You don’t have much control over your units actions. Units can be ordered to take up a position and a job can be set as a priority, but they will walk around the station as they see fit. You begin the game with two units and some resources. At the top of the screen you will see the words: Corridor, Extractor, Reactor, Gardens, Kitchens, Weapons and Quarters – each with a number below them. These are the different types of room you can build on your station – equivalent to buildings in more traditional RTS games – and their resource cost. Similarly, the bottom of the screen has: Engineering, Food Service, Construction, Defence; these are the positions units can be ordered in to. There are two additional positions that may appear – Idle and Research – given the correct conditions are met. The game doesn’t force you into any sort of tutorial, but it does recommend what to do next with non-intrusive text-boxes across the top of the screen hinting at what to build and informing you of new events as they happen.

The visuals, music and sound effects are the most enjoyable aspect of Rymdkapsel . The ambient music and bleep-y sound effects really give a feeling of being in outer-space. Audio and visuals are very simplistic, this plays in Rydm Kapsel’s favour, however.
Rymdkapsel has simple gameplay which is all executed via touch controls. To build a room, you drag the room you’d like – which appears as a Tetris block shown in the top-left – from the top of the screen, move and rotate it into place and then tap the ‘build’ button. Simple. Assigning units to different jobs is similarly easy, a simple swipe from ‘idle’ to the job you’d like to assign them to and that’s it. It’s also possible to drag units directly between two jobs. The goal of the game is to complete missions assigned to you which may involve working towards monoliths – special pre-built rooms which give a bonus effect when researched – or surviving a certain number of waves. To achieve these goals, you must build out towards the monoliths using corridors while maintaining enough Extractors, Reactors, Gardens and Kitchens to supply the building, enough Weapons to defend your units and enough Quarters to man everything.
RYMDKAPSEL 02While my time spent playing Rymdkapsel was enjoyable, the game felt a bit slow and non-interactive at times I had pre-planned my build. Retailing at 3.99GBP, it’s not a terribly large investment meaning it’s still good value for money. If you enjoy a good artistic game, the RTS genre and have a PSVita, it’s well-worth a look.