Be a Crafty Capuchin – Gun Monkeys Tips

Over the coming days the Gun Monkeys lobbies are going to be swarming with fresh recruits, hoping to bring back home as many energy cubes as they can. It can all be a little overwhelming to begin with though, cant it? With the help of developer Dan Marshall we have come up with some top-tips to help you get ahead, and drive your opponents bananas.

Play the damn tutorial!
Your first port  of call should be the games short tutorial. A chap with a lovely English accent will give you the back story to help you understand just why we are sending monkeys forwards in time. Basic controls and weapon usage is also discussed. Not only that but it’s bloody charming too.

Rebind your keys
The default key bindings feel just a little too cramped to begin with. Figure out what suits you best and roll with it. Players with control pads are advised to use them, they will definitely give you an edge over the competition – to begin with at least.

Customise your monkey
This one may be overlooked but it is common sense. Changing your monkey to a more noticeable, more vibrant colour can make it easy to recognise them in close-quarters combat.

There are a large amount of perks just begging for your hard-earned cash. Buying the mid-air maneuverability perk as soon as possible will help you to dodge crafty bomb drops and other nasties.

Drop the bomb
Carefully dropped bombs can make for an effortless victory against a clueless opponent. Try dropping one beside (or underneath) your opponents spawn point, just as they are about to respawn. It will reduce their total power, and drive them bananas! (we have word that Dan is disabling this in an update this evening, use it while you can folks!)

It’s all about the cubes!
Getting cubes back to your base is your number one priority. Killing your opponent is a helpful way to do that, and will leave the arena safer for you to navigate.
gun monkeys
Better in 3’s
As much as possible, try to take three cubes back to base at a time. Three cubes is the maximum you can carry, and gives you a MUCH bigger reward than returning to base with one cube, three times.

Good luck out on the battlefield. The power grid is dependent on your efforts. Don’t let us down!

More tips at the Size Five Games website!

With thanks to Dan Marshall for contributing to the article. You can find him on Twitter (@danthat). Gun Monkeys, as well as Dan’s other games are available to purchase from Steam, so go buy them all.