Gun Monkeys Now Gives Free Steam Keys to Un-partnered Players

You may remember some time ago we posted a Review of Gun Monkeys. As you can see by following that link, Ryan enjoyed playing it. I did, too. Gun Monkeys is a good game and has been critically received as such, but finding a game has long been a problem. There’s just not enough players playing the game despite the mostly favourable reviews.

In a continued effort to breathe life into the game — Previously making each purchase net you two copies of Gun Monkeys — Size Five Games have gone even further. Now playing Gun Monkeys and being unable to find a game will net you another code which can thusly be catapulted at the nearest willing friend. This is all in hopes that the game will receive a second wind and we here at CIG hope to see that it does.

If you consider yourself someone who supports indie developers and own Gun Monkeys, consider taking some time out to play it now rather than later. If you run a gaming community, perhaps add it to your rota of games. If you stream or run a Youtube channel, give it a shout out. If you don’t already own it, well, get out there and buy it, get some friends to buy it and have some gun-toting, simian-searing, energy-collecting, one-on-one fun!

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