Legend of Dungeon- Game 3 – Indie MEGABOOTH

Legend of Dungeon is a cooperative dungeon-crawler Roguelike game, created by Robot Loves Kitty. It is currently available on for Window, Mac and Linux, with an Ouya build in development.

The game features 4-player demon-slaying action set amongst wonderful 2D shaded sprites, and a randomly generated soundtrack pieced together from 244 different music tracks.

Players are tasked with battling their way to the 26th floor of the Dungeon where legends tell of a valuable treasure, waiting to be liberated from its dark and gloomy bastille. Equip yourselves well, work as a team, and maybe – just maybe – you can return home to tell the Legend of Dungeon.

Legend of Dungeon is available to purchase from Steam as well as the Robot Loves Kitty website, for the bargain price of $10.