Kenshi – Preview (PC)

Kenshi is an open world RPG RTS developed by lofigames, which, for the most part consisted of one man — Chris hunt. Chris has been expanding the team working on Kenshi and it has shown in each monthly update.

When you hear “open world RPG RTS”, you probably wonder what the hell that means. Well, Kenshi has the general presentation and systems of an RTS, allowing you to move units, build a base and battle from a higher plane of existence. Unlike an RTS, you’re not controlling a bunch of no-name, replaceable lackeys. Each unit in Kenshi is treated as importantly as the next. This treatment doesn’t end with units belonging to you. Each unit you own and recruit starts no stronger than the weakest of NPCs – though you may be able to recruit some more skilled individuals, for a price. This is where the RPG elements come into play. Each unit has their own unique level, skills and inventory.


In Kenshi, you can start from various backgrounds. From a single man without a penny, to a group aspiring to build their own kingdom, to an individual of much luck who happens upon a legendary sword. Each background just determines how easy it is to start up in Kenshi and, to an extent, what you’ll start the game by doing. For example, you may start by building your own small outpost which you can use for researching, crafting and building. If you’ve picked one of the more combat-oriented beginnings, you can roam the land, hiring recruits and taking your enemies to the blade. No matter your beginnings, though, these characters don’t really matter. There is no single character who will die and engage a “game over” scenario.

Kenshi May sound incredibly ambitious – and it is – but it doesn’t drown in its own ambition and instead flourishes. Taking elements many in the gaming community have long spoke of mixing and creating a fine balance between them – and in alpha, no less – Kenshi has nowhere to go but Up.


You can buy Kenshi from the lofi site:

It can also be purchased on Steam:

It is worth noting that Kenshi is currently at a reduced price due to it being Early Access.