Critical Indie Gamer: Game of the Year 2013 – Most Anticipated

To kick of proceedings, we thought it would be best to start off looking forward. 2013 was a great year and we have plenty to reminisce about, but let’s look forward to 2014 and the games we can’t wait to get our hands on.

10. Kitaru

What Kitaru aims to do is somewhat ambitious for an iOS game and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

9. Starbound

Starbound has been garnering a lot of hype as of late and if you go read the roadmap, you’ll just get more excited. We’re optimistic that it’s going to turn out great.

8. Chasm

Chasm aims to be a mix of metroidvania and rogue-like. Two of our favourite genres. After seeing the kickstarter, reading up a bit on the game and looking at some of the trailers, it was obvious this game had to be on the list.

7. Watch Dogs

Remember, we’re not all about indie games — we love all games. Watch Dogs is taking that Assassin’s Creed style of parkour gameplay to the future and we love us some sci-fi settings, the environmental interactions are what have us really hyped for Watch Dogs.

6. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher has already solidifed itself as one of the better RPGs out there in recent years and the third entry aims to expand on the previous title exponentially, we really hope to see it deliver.

5. The Division

The Division was possibly the game everyone was most excited for at E3 last year — us included. It’s great to see Ubisoft’s creative talent and funds being poured into an interesting new IP — and Tom Clancy to boot!

4. Kenshi

Jordan “The Beard” fought hard for this one — and with good reason. Kenshi isn’t only incredibly ambitious, but it’s slowly but surely delivering. Already a world that allows you to roam, craft and build bases, Kenshi is slowly inching forward to the vision with each monthly update.

3. Dungeon Dashers

Both Jordan and Ryan were big fans of this wonderfully-crafted dungeon crawler and after giving a peek of what it contains, who could argue against it?

2. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program very nearly didn’t make the list, but with the advent of the recent 0.23 update and how science changed the game, it was undeniable to every writer at CIG that this game definitely deserved our watchful eyes.

1. Destiny

We’re all big fans of Halo and Bungie in general here at CIG, so it’s hard not to be excited when they got a reason to make a new sci-fi epic. Especially when said epic is completely different from their last two.


Look forward to more Game of the Year categories over the course of January, culminating in Critical Indie Gamer’s Game of the Year 2013!