Fight The Dragon – Preview (PC)

The hack and slash genre has become a bit bland lately, there is only so many ways to chop someone up after all. Fight the dragon understands this and focuses on giving you endless amounts of locations to chop and burn foes, and solve puzzles.


Fight The Dragon sets itself apart from its peers by making its level editor integral to the experience.. Every level has been made in the editor and apart from a slight gap in quality, they’re all fun. Each mission can be completed in two to fifteen minutes depending on the complexity of puzzles and they offer a nice quick dungeon crawl that you can cram in when you have a few moments to spare.

The editor itself handles brilliantly, the placement of tiles and props feels natural and is simplistic enough that even your cat could get to grips with it. As everything is placed on a grid, mapping out areas is much more fluid than most other editors. The props all have coding to go with them as well; chests open and give randomised loot, doors open and you can type your own dialogue for NPCs. If it wasn’t for the lack of content, we would recommend it purely for the editor. The game is early access though, so we recommend getting it now if you like creating content and playing with assets that other people have made.


If you want it for the gameplay, you might want to hang back and watch the game develop before you decide to buy a copy. Currently there are not many enemies; rats, skeletons, mummies, skeletons with bows, Minotaurs and some bosses. With the exception of the Minotaurs, these enemies are boring and so overused it feels like muscle memory to fight them. Eyes glaze over, swing, block, swing, swing, win. Thankfully, combat isn’t always the focus as the editor allows for puzzles to be made with ease, with which you can bewilder other players.

Okay, so some of the content is a bit bring. It’s to be expected of a community driven game. The graphics aren’t the greatest but they get the job done and are quirky with their blockiness. The gameplay is a bit repetitive but then again, so are most hack and slash titles. So why should you buy Fight The Dragon?

Fight The Dragon’s editor is great. It’s fast, flowing and easy to make spanning dungeons that both look and feel good – if a bit lacking in diversity. Combine this with the ability to play with friends, in any dungeon and you have a game that creates a similar essence to Dungeons and Dragons without the difficulty of actually socialising. re.


Fight The Dragon may not be much just now but with much of development still to go and the possibility of steam workshop out there. We recommend keeping an eye on it as it promises great things.

Fight The Dragon is available to purchase as an Early Access title on Steam.