Another World 20th Anniversary Edition – Review (PS3/PS4/PS Vita/ WiiU)

Another must-buy – Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

The early ’90s gave us many of gaming’s finest moments. Platforms like the Amiga and Apple II were home to timeless classics like Flashback, Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer and X-Com: UFO Defense. Many of these games play as well today as they did back on release. There’s just something that makes them impervious to the ravages of time. For better or for worse a few of the aforementioned games were given reboots for this generation, but it remains to be seen if they will stand the test of time as well as the originals. Encouragingly, when Eric Chahi decided to bring his iconic action game, Another World, to a new generation, he stayed true to his original design. Slightly updated visuals and sound are all that separates it from the original 1991 release.


Another World 20th Anniversary Edition puts you in the shoes of physicist,Β  Lester Chaykin. While using his particle accelerator to search for the origins of the universe, a freak accident occurs. Lester finds himself transported to a strange alien world inhabited by man-eating monsters and angry, brutish natives. Things take a turn for the worse when he is taken prisoner by the native race. Lester’s only hope of escape and survival is to team up with a fellow prisoner whom appears to be one of the locals. With your new friend in tow you break free from your prison cell, and make a run for it across your strange and dangerous surroundings. Another World is a story of trust, companionship and friendship. You and your new comrade come to rely on each other to escape a number of dicey situations.

Make no mistake about it, Another World is a product of its time; its archaic design is almost immediately apparent upon booting it up. Movement is slow and clunky, jumping is fiddly, and shooting can sometimes be glitchy. If you’ve ever played and enjoyed Flashback or the original Prince of Persia, you will understand what we mean. The game can also be cripplingly difficult at times, requiring pin-point accuracy from the player. Any and all slip-ups will be punished and require you to start the section over again. Despite these caveats , and the many times we threw out controller down in frustration,Β  Another World is a supremely addictive title

another world ps4 review

The game’s clean vector aesthetic, detailed background and soundtrack all foster a mysterious and tense atmosphere that will push you onwards. Each new area is gorgeously detailed (especially with new updated visuals). and isΒ  fraught with danger. You are encouraged to explore each new area, but caution is advised, The unpredictability, difficulty and complete lack of help may irritate some players, but this is how games were in the ’90s. We highly suggest the less patient among you play along with a walkthrough.

Perhaps the game’s coolest new feature is the ability switch between the original and remastered visuals on the fly. Doing so reveals some big changes in some areas, and less noticeable changes in others. If anything, this feature serves to highlight just how impressive the game looked back in 1991. Also included are three different variations of the soundtrack. Players can choose between the original soundtrack, the soundtrack which came with CD versions of the game and a new remastered version.

another world ps vita review

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition isn’t a game that everyone will pick up and love. In fact, due to its difficulty and Stone Age design we expect many will hate it. But if you enjoyed games like Flashback and Prince of Persia you are in safe hands , provided you can stomach the difficulty. The inclusion of triple cross-buy on Playstation systems further sweetens the deal for Sony fans too, making Another World another must-buy title

  • Jackal1310

    This game is also out on the Xbox One, why does the title not include that system?

    • Ryan Mc Donagh

      We did not receive review code for that platform.

      • Jackal1310

        It is still available on that system though, so you should mention it in the title, and at the end of the review state the system you reviewed the game on.

        I highly doubt you played through this game on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and Wii-U.

        Even on the top left hand side of the screen, underneath the developer, you list the platforms the game is available on, yet Xbox One is not there.

        • Chrisaroo

          it’s not important. You know it’s available, go buy it.

          • Ryan Mc Donagh

            pretty much!

          • Jackal1310

            It is important.

            I purchased the game the day it came out.

        • Ryan Mc Donagh

          We received code for the above platforms and played it on those platforms. WE did not play it on XONE.

          The game was played across all of the mentioned consoles, but was completed only on the Vita. There are no hugely noticeable differences between how it runs or plays on any machine.

          Thanks for eading.

          • Jackal1310

            You are missing the entire point.

            Your refusal to update this review and add that it is also available on XO is complete BS.

            If you are so against adding it because you did not receive an XO code, then simply add that the game is also available on the XO, but a review code was not given.

            Until you mention all of the platforms the game is available on, this review has no credibility.

          • Ryan Mc Donagh

            I have looked on your disqus profile and you seem to enjoy being a troll on everything you comment on. The lack of XONE in the platforms list is definitely an oversight. Not including it in the title is not.

            Anyway, have a lovely day πŸ™‚

          • Jackal1310

            Considering I have only made about 8 comments altogether, it is hard to consider me a “troll” which is a dumb assumption to make. I have only commented on articles that are either extremely bias, or poorly written.

            My disqus profile for IGN is anything but me being a “troll”, you made a mistake, and you refuse to fix it, even when you admitted yourself that it was an oversight, not including the XO version under platforms.

            After looking over more of this site, and various articles written on it, it is safe for me to assume that this website is extremely bias towards PC and PS4.

          • Ryan Mc Donagh

            We have absolutely no bias at all. We judge games based on what they are not what system they are on. We actually don’t own a XONE unit to review games for it – hence the lack of XONE reviews.

          • Jackal1310

            Right, it sure looks like bias to me.
            I also find it shocking that you do not have an XONE to review games for it, that would explain why you did not get a review code.

            You still have yet to update the platforms list.

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            I am tired of talking to you now. I am going to delete your comments and ban you from the site πŸ™‚

            Unless you want to buy the site a XONE, you have no right to be shocked or to have any opinion. Thanks for readin!

          • Jackal1310

            Also, I noticed that in the top left, under platforms you listed PC, but in the review you do not mention PC because you did not receive a code. However you listed PC as a platform the game is available on, therefore you have no excuse for not including XO under the platform list.

            You are choosing to be stubborn, and at the same time losing credibility for your review.

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    I presume i received some rather tasteful comments then if everything got deleted.

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      Nothing distasteful, just one annoying troll πŸ™‚