Squids Odyssey – Review (3DS)

A little while back we reviewed Squids Odyssey on the Wii U after its triumphant leap to consoles from the mobile world. This week we took a look at the 3DS version and well, it’s pretty much the same but smaller. Take that however you will, unless you take it as an innuendo, then please don’t.


Squids Odyssey is a fun little puzzle/ beat em up/ tactics game that put you in the control of a team of tough headed squids that you must flick around using the touch screen. It has a rather diverse cast of characters from the strong headed and fast scout Steev to the dour and cynical shooter Clint. Each squid has their own abilities; healing squids they bump into, boost power, an area of effect ground pound and a shooting power. Balancing your team to how you want to play is very important and is made easier with the RPG elements where you can upgrade their skills and buy hats that give stat boosts. This means you’ll never be forced to move onto newer characters, which is good because many of them downright suck.

The only real difference we noticed in the 3DS version was that the models seemed to be slightly lower quality, this may be because of the screen size compared to the Wii U or it may be an optimisation choice. We’re not sure, but it was rather hard to settle into the same gentle lull that the Wii U brought on.

If you haven’t read the Wii U review then here’s the rundown; Squids Odyssey has a great story with characters that, while shallow and stereotypical, are likeable and interesting, the gameplay is enjoyable and often difficult enough to warrant several attempts and the colourful graphics and areas create an atmosphere that fits perfectly with the game and style.


If you’re a European (This doesn’t work in America, sorry) you get a free copy of Squids Odyssey on Wii U if you buy the 3DS version first. Seems arbitrary to have it that way round, but there you go. It doesn’t seem likely that this promotion will be extended to America though as the developers have stated “[Nintendo of America] could not support this kind of promotion.”

If you’ve played Squids Odyssey on the Wii U or want a fun little game that you can have hours of enjoyment with while waiting for those often delayed trains. Squids Odyssey is a great game and if you have the eagle like eyes needed to play on the tiny screens of handheld consoles we recommend it. (Though we’ll stick to the Wii U for now, our eyes aren’t that great compared to you young whipper snappers).