I Am A Brave Knight – Review (iOS/Android)

Thomas Was Alone, With Wigs – I Am A Brave Knight

Okay, so, I Am A Brave Knight bears little to no resemblance to Thomas Was Alone, except for it’s simple multicoloured characters. It’s hard to compare it to anything else though, as it is so unique. As we’ve learned time and again, however, being unique does not make a game good.

I Am A Brave Knight is a journey through a man’s life, through a series of short vignette clips. You’ll follow him through childhood to adulthood, and bear witness to various events throughout. You won’t have any influence over these events though. You could describe the game as an interactive novel, but  your interaction is extremely limited.

Each scene in I Am A Brave Night is accompanied by a short sentence and you’ll have to write a pre-selected associated word on screen. For example, one scene portrays kids being scolded by their parents for stealing cookies; the associated word you are given is “mischief”, and writing this on screen takes you to the next scene, where you will repeat the task with a different word.

It’s quite alarming that the game’s only interactive element is so temperamental. Text recognition can be extremely finicky and you may have to repeat yourself several times, de-immersing you from the game’s somewhat threadbare story.
i am a brave knight ios review
Undoubtedly, the game is very pretty, both visually and musically, but it simply is not enough. I Am A Brave Knight just does not have a lot going for it. We’re sure there’s a compelling message about the beauty of life and its fragility, but it’s narrative is not interesting enough for us to take note.

If you absolutely must play I Am A Brave Knight, try the Global Gamejam version. You’ll still lose ten minutes of your time, but you’ll save a dollar in the process.