South Park Pinball Tables (Zen Pinball 2) – Review

Totally Tits – South Park Pinball

The boys from the hit TV show South Park have been getting into mischief of an adult nature for 17 years now. In that time they have been pimped out for various merchandise deals, from wallpaper to bed sheets, t-shirts and even video games. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s little construction paper empire has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars for all involved. Interestingly, the video game industry hadn’t been too kind to the series up until last year’s Stick of Truth release, which all but erased the horrible memories of South Park Racing and Chef’s Love Shack (shudder!) from our minds.  When South Park Pinball tables were announced for Zen Pinball 2 we knew it was in safe hands, mostly due to Zen Studios’ other successful pinball conversions. The one thing we didn’t count on though, was that it would be this much fun!

Zen have released not one but two South Park Pinball tables . The first table, South Park’s Super Sweet Pinball, features a whole host of familiar characters from across the series entire run. The second table, Butters Very Own Pinball Game, as you might have guessed, gives sweet little Butters a table all to himself. Both tables are presented in a wonderfully colourful cardboard cutout diorama style, and fans will be delighted with the exquisite detail and care that has been lavished upon them.

Both tables come with their own, unique objectives. In South Park’s Super Sweet Pinball you will complete different trials and trick shots to collect the letters that make up the show’s name. Objectives include helping Stan to kiss Wendy Testaburger without being sick, hitting the Windy Bumpers where Terrence & Philip reside, and you’ll even defeat the Batdad. The table features a whole host of other objectives that will be familiar to fans of the show too. As you play you will be rewarded with snippets of dialogue from various iconic episodes. Cartman will regale you with the tale of his anal probe, you’ll learn all about Manbearpig, and Mrs Crabtree will even tell you to “sit down and shut up”
south park pinball review
Butter’s Very Own Pinball Game plays exactly like Super Sweet Pinball, but feels a little less hectic and scattered. On this table you’ll relive moments from Butter’s colourful past including his trip to Hawaii, the Goth phase from The Ungroundable, his crossdressing days as Marjorie and many others. Hitting the bumpers 30 times enables outfit mode which allows you collect different outfits that Butters has worn over the years. If you have enough skill you can even activate Butters’ robot pal, AWESOM-O, who will then come up with sweet blockbuster movie ideas. We are big fans of both tables, but we have a soft spot for Butters very own little table. We’d be very keen to see characters such as Randy and Cartman get their own exclusive tables too; those characters in particular have had countless hilarious moments we’d love to see committed to the table.

Admittedly, we are casual observers rather than pinball wizards, but if Zen can keep publishing tables like these we’d be much more inclined to dedicate our time to them. South Park Pinball is a trip down memory lane for fans of the series and pinball pro, or not, it’s a trip well worth embarking on.