By Removing Hatred From Greenlight Steam Shows its Hypocritical Side

Hatred, the brutal kill-em-up, has courted controversy since its trailer made its debut. It seems to feature no other objective than to kill as many innocent people as you can. Men, women, children, and police officers are all fair game in this killing-spree. As expected, an angry backlash grew around the game, with some calling for it to be banned. Others even went as far as to claim that it could be blamed for future mass-shootings. Using videogames as a scapegoat for violent incidents is nothing new, and, perhaps, it could be argued that some gamers are pre-empting an incident by calling for a boycott of the title in order to protect their beloved hobby. Today those campaigners struck a death-blow when Hatred’s Greenlight campaign was suddenly removed from Steam.

There’s something troubling about the decision to retract Hatred from Greenlight, though. Sure, its content is undeniably gruesome, and I’d question any person whose spine it didn’t send a shiver down. But its removal is odd. It seems that Valve has changed its mind about violent content on the Steam platform. After all, there are many games on Steam with similar themes, that are just as violent, but are allowed to continue to trade on it. And let’s not forget that Grand Theft Auto V, and it’s notorious torture scene will soon grace the storefront.

Is it simply the case that Valve will kow-tow to he who has the deepest pockets? Here are three games still on Steam that, I find, have equally as ‘objectionable’ content.

Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2

Hotline Miami

Grand Theft Auto Series

And, as aforementioned, soon gracing Steam:

Grand Theft Auto 5

What’s your opinion on the situation?  Or  do you know of any other games that should be added to the list? Be sure to comment below!

  • Matthew Hardy

    The difference between every vid above & the game in question is simple – killing for no other reason than the joy of killing while the victim is begging for their lives is crossing a line that most people would find objectionable. While you certainly could do this in GTA, that’s not the point of the game, in the same way that killing hookers is not.

    • Ryan Mc Donagh

      There are plenty of games where you kill for fun, and this one is, in my opinion, no different.

      It’s grandstanding of the worst kind by hypocrite journalists, vendors and game engine developers. If this game is not okay then neither are the rest.

      • Matthew Hardy

        name 3.

        • Ryan Mc Donagh

          Mortal Kombat
          Postal series.

          • Matthew Hardy

            I knew you’d mention Postal, it’s the only other kill for fun game I know of. The objectives of MK & Carmegeddon are of higher purpose. In MK for example, you’re killing but for the greater good – to prevent billions from being enslaved/killed. AND you don’t have to kill your adversary, you can even “friendship” them.

          • Ryan Mc Donagh

            “higher pupose” or not, I still think Hatred is no different at its core. It’s pixels shooting at other pixels.

            It’s up to you as a consumer whether or not you buy it, and I am guessing that its 97% approval rating (13k votes) before being removed meant that plenty of people wanted it in their Steam library.

            Without the controversy it would have come and gone, now it will, most likely, go on to become a bit of an icon. Weird that.

          • Jason Mounce

            You’re also being ignorant to the fact that everyone is being so absorbed into typical gamer logic that one of the most simplest of things is being overlooked.

            You’re using a positive-perspective of why killing is…..good… especially via Mortal Kombat – We’re saving the Human realm – Sure! . . . What does this example now, have to do with Hatred? Let’s look at it at a Character-perspective and alignment.

            – GTA series, you’re a vigilante, not a hero – But still a protagonist.
            – Postal, you’re a vigilante and societal genocide-encouraging lunatic under the guise of comedy, parodies and satirical humour.
            – Manhunt is one of the better means of comparing to Hatred, because you’re not a ‘hero’ and the only saving grace is that you’re typically killing thugs, who, when a game organizes a character, as with movies too, ‘thugs’ are looked at as Scum of the earth and killing thugs holds no guilt or shame or punishment, cause they apparently are belittled, stereotyped, and labelled as worthless humans who likely no one would pity if they died? I mean, this should be deeply questioned on why ‘Thugs’ of some variable archetype get to be labelled as Lower in Worth when they’re still human but probably have to live a miserable, sad life of crime to get through each day, but in movies and games, no one blinks to the inquiry of “Why do we not give a F*** when they die? What if they have a family and kids and love them at home?” – “No, they’re thugs, I don’t care, they’re expendable” is what goes through everyones’ mind. Ignorantly.

            Now, Hatred. Let’s make this one a simple and quick bit of logic. Are we the hero? No. Are we a protagonist? No, are we the villain? Yes. Are we the antagonist? Yes.

            Okay, now, if I tell you to describe to me, what traits are in a villain, an antagonist that in violent action games, are the ones we NORMALLY stop – what traits come to mind? Murderous? Evil? Deviant? Insane? Protagonists and Heroes are meant to be fundamentally comparable to our own so we can picture ourselves as the hero, doing all the things and deeds that we’re doing, heroism and whatnot. If we’re the vigilante it’s upped the ante and we think “It’s for a goal, but some casualties are coming along the way” it’s like a form of diffusion of responsibility. Now, in Hatred, we are not meant to like this guy, he’s the enemy, he’s the villain, he’s the evil, we just happen to be controlling him. So people are losing their minds because they’re doing what they’re Used to when playing video games, COMPARING THEMSELVES and putting their eyes into the role of magically thinking that a villain is meant to be — what, have purpose? a Goal?

            I tell you, I loved playing GTA2 in my years of being around 10-13 years old and going on genocide sprees as a ‘challenge’, without even doing the missions, it was fun to try to survive as long as possible. I’m not a social deviant and a menace to society, I’m not evil or a murderer in real life. I can establish right from wrong and what a Video game is in comparison to real life. So too, can most gamers who had great parents who raised them properly. Hatred’s character is the villain, don’t compare yourself to him, he’s evil. Similarly I’m going to play MGS5 Phantom Pain when it comes out, and Big Boss is the villain as well, although he has his reasons and a mission to go with why, but the story still is centered around REVENGE and Big Boss ain’t no poster-boy for heroism any longer. Child Soldier enlistment controversies involved, torture, RAPE even is a subject in the game. No one minds – becaussssse?…. Well, I’ll tell you one reason, Big Boss is a ‘vigilante’ instead of straight-up unlikeable villain. If you can LIKE a villain, then you don’t mind what they do, like Vaas in Far Cry 3. Like Joker in Batman, we don’t mind – because they’re a villain, but they entertain us, where Hatred-guy is a nobody, we don’t know him, don’t care, thus we don’t care about his motives or why he wants to kill people, its just ‘Bad cause he wants to’ with no mercy.

          • Mentioum


          • Ryan Mc Donagh

            How did that one pass me by? :O

    • Mike Jones

      but you have no idea what the game really is,or what the “point” is….pixel murder is pixel murder no matter how much narrative,mini-games,and all other things besides pixel murder you add to it

    • Grim

      I’ve always puzzled by the “that’s not the point of the game” argument when it comes to GTA. Yes, we are not told to start killing in a sandbox games but we as the human, thinking players are ones who made the conscious decision to start massacres in them because we know it’s fun. In the end all those excuses and justifications are just window dressing to keep critics and angry parents away while making the player feel good for their “justified” actions.

      Hatred just narrowed the excuses to just one- the character has given up on the world and off to kill as many people as possible before he is gunned down. It’s still a much more valid reason than accidentally bumping on a police car that started off the decimation of a police department staff in GTA.

      A lot of people love the character Vaas in Far Cry 3 but if you take away his quirkiness, he’s a horrible person no matter what his reasons are.We praised a character that have been doing horrible things(human and drug trafficking, killing his own people, kidnapping tourists) for years in his game world simply because he was fun to watch but then we condemned Hatred for having a character that has given up on the world and decided to end his life in one night.

  • bigshynepo

    Funny how the console gamers certainly don’t seem to care this one is skipping the living room boxes. Why are PC gamers getting so bent about this being kicked off steam? Worried you won’t be able to find a site where you can buy it/pirate it? Seems like this game is just a lightning rod for complaining and soap-boxing. Get over it people, you’ll be able to find it and download it just fine when it comes out, sorry Steam won’t be exposing millions of their customers to this heinous excuse for entertainment.

    • Johannna_L

      Its about freedom of speech, which Russia says means nothing in USA. Looks like they are right too. Its very simple: If you dont like it, dont buy it! See how easy it is ?

      • bigshynepo

        Yeah, so what’s the problem?
        You aren’t being kept from buying it, it’s just not being distributed on STEAM. You have a problem with that? Email Gabe.
        This discussion has nothing to do with free speech.

  • Johannna_L

    Critical Indie gamer forgot that Steam also sells Call of Duty; The world at war, now wheres my flame thrower I have some Japs to fry!

  • Johannna_L

    Steam just did their biggest mistake ever, mark my words this game will be out Q2 2015 whatever you like it or not. Steams reputation however will take a very hard hit.

  • SlightlyNormal

    All your comparisons are questionable at best and strawmans at worst. In Hot Line Miami you’re killing the “bad guys”, junkies and kidnappers. In GTA, it’s just one torture scene. Same goes for Modern Warfare. The entire game is not about pointless killing of innocents, like Hatred is. Get your head out of your ass.

    • ryanemm

      I WAS going to delete your comment for being abusive, but, instead, I will leave the following image taken from your Disqus account. It seems that we can add you to the list of hypocrites with double-standards….