On The Eighth Day of Christmas We gave To You: Majestic Nights

Imagine a world where all conspiracy theories are true. Faked moon landings, MK Ultra, and presidential assassinations – all true. Now imagine you’ve found yourself embroiled in these theories and are tasked with finding out what is going on, that’s Majestic Nights in a nutshell. We’ve got season passes to give away, if you’re brave enough to face the truth, that is!

To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is leave a comment below (with your Twitter, Steam, or PSN account name so we can contact you). Winners will be drawn at random before tomorrow’s giveaway.

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With thanks to Epiphany Games for providing promo copies. Didn’t win? You can buy a copy of Majestic Nights here.

The Winners!

The following winners were chosen at random:

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  • Matthew Hardy

    so, space aliens DID kill Kennedy. I knew it! Also, at 0:58 – a Blumpkin?

  • Cazboy10

    Steam – Cazboy10

  • holeyspaces

    steam: siggyfreud

  • Ray

    I’d love me some conspiracies 🙂

    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/darkydarky

    ((I think Disqus ate my original comment because my mail wasn’t verified when I sent it and it may have put it into Pending. So this is just to make sure I’m in the draw at all. EDIT: Ok same thing after I submited this. I hope you’ll see the original comment, you can delete this one))

  • Patri¢k

    twitter: paddyrawx


  • Adrian

    This looks “Majestic”. 😉

    Twitter: @OzIndie