On The Ninth Day of Christmas We gave To You: Aqua Kitty & Rock Boshers DX: Director’s Cut

If you are a fan of kittens or tea and scones today’s giveaway will be of particular interest! That’s right, we’ve got a double pack giveaway of Tikipod’s Aquakitty Milk Mine Defender DX  and Rock Boshers DX: Director’s Cut. Aqua Kitty has you mining for cream deep under the sea, and Rock Bosher’s is a tricky retro-styled game that puts you in control of a young Queen Victoria. Both games are for Playstation platforms and crossbuy for PS4 and Vita.



To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is leave a comment below (with your Twitter, Steam, or PSN account name so we can contact you). Winners will be drawn at random before tomorrow’s giveaway.

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With thanks to Tikipod  for providing promo copies. Didn’t win? You can buy Rock Boshers here and Aqua Kitty here.


N.B: These are EU codes and will not work with any other PSN account region.

The winners!


The following winners were picked at random:

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  • Mike

    Ooh sweet games! Thx and happy holidays! @MikeJo98 😉

  • agbavna

    Thanks for the chance. Aqua Kitty is an amazing game. Rock Boshers looks great as well.

    Not sure if it’s a region specific contest, but I can only use EU codes. So if you guys only have US ones, just not pick me 🙂


  • Matthew Hardy

    Aqua Kitty looks great but if you’ve ever had to give a cat a bath, you know that cats in water is utter bullshit. The “destroying everything in sight” aspect is spot on, though 🙂

  • A Parker

    These titles look great, thanks for the chance. I’m most easily found on Twitter @dontjudgemyadd, cheers!

  • Piotr N.

    Anyone can join? Even someone with such a distant country like Poland? If so, I wish EU Code, of course, if I can.

  • Dirty Zombie Madness


  • Ale

    Thanks for the chance! PSN: AleTFP

  • Andres

    Looks like a sweet game. Good luck to all. PSN: Mario_bolt13

  • Dragibus999

    My twitter => @dragibus999

    Thanks for the giveaway <3