Satellina – Review (Android/ iOS)


Satellina is an entrancing puzzle game that requires patience, as well as the ability to spot patterns and timings, from its players. Your goal is to guide a small dot around various suites, collecting moving green orbs as they hurl around at varying speeds, and in different patterns. But you will need to avoid amber and red orbs, or you face starting the level from the beginning.

You can move your dot around by pressing on-screen, but it is best to find a sweet spot that isn’t too far from it, nor too close, either. Satellina‘s controls are intuitive, with a smooth swipe of the thumb sending your dot off in the same direction. Once you have gotten used to the basic controls you will be up and collecting orbs and beating high scores in no time.

Gameplay is of the simple variety, but undeniably addictive. Each level has you collecting orbs, but there is a catch: you can only collect the green ones. If you even so much as graze an amber or red orb you will be sent back to the start of the level to try again, making it difficult to smash other people’s time records, and even harder for you to progress further down the level hierarchy.

Each suite, represented by a letter of the alphabet, has five distinct challenges for you to overcome, as well as some cute twinkly chiptune music to spur you on. There are 50 levels in total to master, most of which you will  blast through in under a minute if you are good enough, making the game perfect for speedrunners! Suites also have self-contained leaderboards, allowing gamers with a competitive nature to aim for the worldwide top spot in all of Satellina‘s challenges.


Levels start off basic, with you collecting slowly moving orbs, but you will eventually move on to much tougher challenges. Both the speed and movement patterns of the orbs diverge wildly, meaning that success hinges on knowing exactly where to move and at exactly what time. And you won’t be able to blame the game on your failures, either. You have nobody to blame but yourself when you fail

At its core, Satellina is a pure experience devoid of fancy graphics and complex gameplay, but it doesn’t need those things; there’s something gratifying about how Moon Kid weaves the games basic core elements together. Whilst it probably won’t hold your interest for very long it’s perfect for the morning commute, and for waking up those tired brain cells.