Top 5 Friday Presents: Top 5 Indie Game Developer Meltdowns!


Indie gaming is a serious business these days, but it is sometimes a little too serious for my liking. An industry that was started for fun has become the domain of a few sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing, and downright annoying developers. Admittedly, some small part of me secretly enjoys the controversy courted by these mavericks, so let’s take a look at  five of my favourite game developer meltdowns.


top 5 indie game developer meltdowns


5 – Jonathan Blow

If you have watched Indie Game the Movie you will know exactly why Jonathan Blow is on this list, and if you haven’t already seen it, go do so immediately! Blow became notorious for popping up all over the internet to correct detractors of his game “Braid”, and quickly encapsulated everything there is to dislike about know-it-all, ‘you just don’t understand my art’ game developers. Blow later went on to blast Farmville, and described World of Warcraft as “unethical“, as well as annoying many other developers with his preachy approach to game development.

Here’s special correspondent Soulja Boy to tell you a little bit about Braid:


4 – Hammerpoint Interactive  ( Known For: The War Z developer. AKA Infestation: Survivor Stories developer)

The War Z’s release was fraught with controversy, from its suspiciously similar name to DayZ, deceptive screenshots, descriptions of features that weren’t actually in game, sketchy microtransactions and its critics being silenced on the game’s forums.  Valve eventually removed The War Z from sale on its Steam storefront, but it eventually came back to the store as “Infestation: Survivor Stories”. Shortly afterwards it became  rotting corpse of a F2P title, infested with aimbots and hackers.  Talk about making friends and influencing people…


3 – Imminent Uprising (Known For: The Slaughtering Grounds)

After their bargain bin zombie shooter, The Slaughtering Grounds, rightly received a pummeling from Jim Sterling, Imminent Uprising went on a bit of a rampage of their own. In a trend that seems to have become a mainstay of poorly developed games, they attempted to silence as many of the game’s critics as possible, even going as far as to delete negative Steam reviews, and possibly posting positive reviews of their own. Having never heard of damage control they took things a step further, releasing a video personally attacking Sterling, which has since been removed. Thankfully, old Jim got himself a copy which you can watch below.