Top 5 Friday Presents: Top 5 Trusty Steeds


I always hear about the hero but less is told of the noble mounts who carry them through thick and thin. Let’s be honest, they do most of the work, really. So I think it’s high time to give some credit where it’s due and list my top 5 trusty steeds, without whom we’d probably still be plodding along back at the tutorial.

5 – Rapidash – Pokemon

 rapidash from pokemon We all played, watched and loved Pokemon as kids and Rapidash was arguably one of the coolest Pokemon there was! It goes from 0 – 150 mph in 10 steps, it can shoot massive fire blasts and it has an awesome fire mane! What’s not to love? There’s a lot to be said for it’s adorable pre-evolution, Ponyta too who can apparently jump buildings. If only you could do that in the game.


4 – Shadowmere – Elder Scrolls Series

med_gallery_1482_3_81732In Oblivion Shadowmere is a kick ass, super fast, immortal horse given to you by the Dark Brotherhood, an organisation of assassins. You can also store items on her when she’s unconscious and use her to train your stats but… lets not go there. Shadowmere Returns in Skyrim with a brand new speed decrease, mortality and apparently a sex change. He makes a damn cool entrance though. If all this isn’t doing it for you, it does has glowing red eyes!


3 – Despair – Darksiders 2

Darksiders-2-DespairDeath has a pretty tough job so it stands to reason that he has a pretty tough horse. Despair can rise from the ground under Death wherever he goes, run at tremendous speeds and has a mane of green fire! This is what Shadowmere wishes (s)he was.

Despair may be a skeletal demon horse but apparently he was originally a dusky brown horse as old as creation. Just goes to show you that hanging with the wrong people can be hazardous.


2 – Epona – Legend of Zelda Seriesepona from ocarina of time

Epona is an incredibly faithful horse, serving Link through many incarnations. To make it even cooler Epona is named after the celtic god of horses. Link and Epona share such a deep bond that they even based Link’s bike in Mario Kart 8 off of her. With what information exists  about the latest incarnation of Epona, we can’t help but be excited as she sounds better than ever!


1 – Agro – Shadow Of Colossus

agro from shadow of the collosusAgro makes it to the top of our list because there has never been a more loyal mount. In the huge open fields of Shadow Of Collosus, there is no-one else. Just you, an ominous evil and Agro. Agro stays with you through thick and thin and even sacrifices herself to save you only to show up and save your pitiful ass again!