Top 5 Friday Presents: Top 5 TV Shows We Wish Were Games

Surely every gamer has, at one time or another, been watching a TV show and wished they could play through as a video game? I know I have. It’s fertile territory, but one that comes with its own risks. I’m sure you are all aware of the awful track record developers have for movie – game adaptations, but it doesn’t stop me from wishing. Here are the top five TV shows I want to make the videogame leap.


5 – Archer

  • Genre – Comedy Action, stealth, sidescroller , RPG

Quite why there hasn’t already been a game based on Sterling Archer and his escapades with ISIS – no not the terrorist cell in the Middle East, at least I hope not – is beyond me. In fact, the series is the most versatile member of this list, lending itself to whole variety of genres from stealth to sidescrolling RPG.

If they do ever make it they had better include Pam, with her ability to seduce any man and eat cocaine by the kilo. That’s all I ask.

top 5 tv shows we wish were games


4- Buffy The Vampire Slayer

  • Genre – Third-Person, Action

Though Buffy made her way onto the gaming landscape back in 2003, with Chaos Bleeds on PS2 and Wrath of the Darkhul King on GBA, Sunnydale’s most famous resident would be perfect for a contemporary video game revival.

I could see the titular vampire slayer dusting the undead in third-person action, in the style of the Arkham franchise or Shadow of Mordor. Not only would this faithfully mirror the fast-paced action that we were used to seeing in the TV show but this style is probably gaming’s most proven and fun fighting mechanic right now so it’s sure to be a blast, too.

The only thing left is to get Joss Whedon on board to pen the story and the original cast to do VO and we’re on to a winner. Straightforward, really.

3- The Walking Dead

  • Genre – Action, Zombie Survival

Sure, we have already had Telltale’s take on the series, as well as a frankly awful third person game about Merle and Daryl, but what about a big-budget zombie slasher set in the world of the TV and comic book series? There’s still life in the zombie survival genre, as Dying Light proved earlier this month, and the TV show is fertile territory for a quality developer to step up to the plate. You could lead the group through the TV show’s trials in a squad based action survival game, where your group gets slowly picked off by the roaming undead, or assume the control of Rick as he tries to lead everyone to safety, while struggling to keep control of himself.

If The Walking Dead does ever get another game, just keep the Survival Instinct developers away from it. That’s all I ask.