More Goat Games? You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!


When Goat Simulator appeared on my desk some time last year I thought it was a one time thing, a silly fad that would die out. Boy, was I wrong! In the end Matthew slaughtered the game, remarking that despite its comedy leanings  “at a price of $10, the joke is on you.”.  Undeterred, the goats persisted. The videos of their antics kept flowing like freshly squeezed goat juice (milk, to you). Soon enough we had Goat MMO Simulator, with hundreds of simulated goats in medieval garb. GoatZ followed not long after, pitting the intrepid, if clumsy, beast against hordes of the undead. And with E3 now behind us, we can look forward to more Goat goodness coming to Xbox One!



With no end in sight to gamer’s infatuation with our bearded friends,  it’s more than a little  timely that we have just passed National Goat Awareness Week (I wasn’t aware that we weren’t aware of them). But what do you actually know about goats? Could you tell one apart from a goatee? If you think you are up to the challenge, why not give your aching thumbs a break, and your brain a workout, with this quiz.