Impatient Gamers Rejoice as CIG & 30 Second Game Reviews Join Forces!


You may have noticed that little banner up there ^ (you do have your ad blocker disabled on CIG, right?). Give it a click and it might just take you to a new place, where time is of the essence, and reviews are only a half minute long!

That’s right, Critical Indie Gamer and 30 Second Game Reviews have joined forces to bring you the latest and greatest games in bite-sized chunks.

These guys have some serious talent, cramming scores of talking points into their tiny, gorgeously produced videos. As well as catching them here, you can feast your eyes on all of their content over on their Youtube channel.

We’ll be posting all of 30 Second Game Reviews’ videos on CIG as and when they go live, including transcripts of the reviews and other cool stuff.

Whether they’re reviewing the latest from Early Access or the newest indie darling, you’ll learn everything you need to know about it in 30 seconds flat – or thereabouts, we aren’t too pedantic!

We are delighted to be featuring 30 Second Game Reviews content on the site and hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we have!