Gaming At Home & On the Go


mobile gaming

Thanks to the ever-increasing number of smart devices on the market, gamers are spoilt for choice both in the types of games they play and how they play them.  So, whether you are sitting at home on the couch, or on the bus trying to drown out the sound of crying children, there’s a whole world of games to keep you entertained. Now more than ever, online connectivity is a mainstay of the games we are playing, be it for socialising in game or competing against each other.

Websites like Facebook are a treasure trove for the social gamer, with everything from Candy Crush to Tetris, and Texas Hold ‘Em poker available to play. The upshot of these socially-integrated games is their accessibility, and how easy they make it to play with your friends. Not only this, but many games are now platform-agnostic, meaning mobile gamers, playing on iOS and Android, can play with their friends on Microsoft Windows.

Developers like Zynga, Rovio and King have seized upon the “gaming everywhere” ethos, enabling gamers to play together, either in real-time or A-symmetrically, in a variety of different games and genres. Meaning that, no matter what kind of games you are into, and no matter your genre preference, there is most-likely a game out there waiting to capture your attention.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that modern gaming is all about sociability, though. Indeed, if you prefer a solo experience, there’s also a variety of options to keep you entertained. Murder mysteries, spot the difference, and even casino games are sure to keep you occupied,

Websites like Slots Heaven offer a wide variety of casino games, like slots blackjack and roulette.  There’s even a bunch of officially licensed games, including the likes of The Fantastic Four and Elektra to keep you entertained. Some casino websites will also offer a deposit bonus, giving you extra cash to play with. You don’t even have to be glued to your PC monitor to take part in the fun; you can even play on your mobile phone!

Young or old, casual or core – it doesn’t matter what kind of gamer you are, there’s something out there for you to play.  This article is in no way exhaustive though, and in no way does it account for possible technological advancements. W


We can only hope.