No Content Was Found – A Short Story About Rockband 4, DLC & Disappointment


The plastic instrument craze is back!

Yes, Rockband has returned to our living-rooms, meaning it’s time to dust off those old plastic guitars and drums, and re-acquire that long forgotten stage presence you once believed you had. Relative to previous releases, Rockband 4’s launch was an altogether quieter affair, probably due, in no small part, to the shortage of game bundles on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. So, imagine my delight in finding that I had purchased the only PS4 copy that the store had received. With great anticipation I carried its unwieldy box back to my home – that’s a lie, my girlfriend did this, as I was in work, but you know what I mean.

rock band 4 dlc not available

Once home I tore into the packaging, carefully lifting out its glossy black Fender Stratocaster controller – an item of some weight and undeniable quality, and slid the disc into my Playstation 4. Having never partaken in any of the previous games in the series, I was excited to see what features and songs were on offer. Songs like “My God is The Sun” by Queens of The Stone Age and “The Seeker” by The Who were quick to delight, despite my fumbling fingers ensuring extremely low scores – bear in mind I haven’t touched a plastic guitar since Guitar Hero 3!

Despite a decent number of jams on the disc, it’s fair to say that the majority of Rockband 4’s playlist is forgettable. So, with that in mind, I strummed my way over to the store to pick up some DLC songs to play – after all, who wants to play along to songs they just aren’t that interested in?

After picking up around £15 worth of DLC I made my way over to PSN to attempt to download it, but it wasn’t available. “That’s strange” I thought to myself. “Perhaps I can download them in-game, instead” I continued.


The now infamous “No content was found” error struck on every single track that I had purchased, leaving me out of pocket, out of patience and with a setlist of songs I wasn’t too fond of. After waiting a day, nothing had changed. Yet another day passed with no resolution for my issue, one now facing many other players.

rock band 4 no content was found

A week has passed since launch and, true, songs are being uploaded and made available to download, but almost every song I have paid for continues to be unavailable to play – despite still being available to purchase. There’s something disingenuous and irritating about Harmonix continuing to sell a product that they know players will not be able to download yet, and it has annoyed me no end.

I’m not an impatient man, I do understand that the sheer scale of the Rockband back catalogue is quite vast, and will take time to properly organise and make available for sale. Until such times as items are available for downloading, Harmonix, don’t offer them up for sale!

Thankfully I have a drum control set to take my annoyance out on. Phew!