Lobo With Shotguns Brings The Retro Pain

Fat Panda Games are at it again. Not content with the release of Flat Kingdom nearing on the horizon, they’ve unveiled another game, and it couldn’t be more different than the last. This time they’ve swapped a shape-shifting, uhh, shape, for an overgrown werewolf, and he’s mad as hell.

Lobo With Shotguns is Fat Panda’s love letter to 70s’ B-movies, arcade games, and comic books. Underneath it’s washed-out, old VHS cassette appearance lays the ridiculous, violent beat ’em up you’ve been waiting for all these years.

There will be gore, girls and magic shotguns aplenty as you fight your way to the game’s irresistibly cliched bad guy, The Crimson Monk.

Lobo clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s why it appeals to me so much. It’s as though somebody mashed all of my childhood interests together into one game.

Take one dash of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a splash of Streets of Rage, a little American Werewolf and voila! You’ve pretty much got Lobo With Shotguns.

I’m so looking forward to this one.

Got a hankering for some magical shotguns of your own? Be sure to give Lobo a big, grizzly thumbs up on Greenlight.

Update: Lobo has been greenlit, less than two weeks into its greenlight campaign. The hunger is real!