Lovely Weather We’re Having – in small bursts


There’s something wonderful about Lovely Weather We’re Having, by Julian Glander. Maybe it has something to do with the bright pastel colours, off-the-wall characters and adorable little pug that faithfully follows you wherever you go? It’s a delightful plaything, that’s undeniable, but it leaves me craving more than it can offer.

You and your little pug friend have been locked out of the house, and have nothing but roaming around the village and talking to the locals to pass the time. And what a weird bunch of locals they are. There’s a giant sea monster, for one thing, who is much more approachable and friendly than his exterior may suggest. Then there’s the guy with the rockin’ afro, slumped beside his house and always asking philosophical questions. I’m pretty sure he’s the game’s token stoner, though. There’s over a dozen of these lovable characters to encounter, and they will always be happy to spit out some mystifying conundrum, or piece of advice.

The game, in a clever little piece of technological jiggery-pokery, can extrapolate time and weather details based on where you are playing, and the town and townspeople will react accordingly. At night time you’ll receive a torch to run around with and so on. Little touches like that keep things interesting, and add a little variety to your encounters you’ll have with your neighbours.

You aren’t supposed to play for extended periods of time. Rather, a few short 10-15 minute bursts at different times of the day. That way you’ll get to experience the day gracefully fade to night, and the various mood changes your neighbours have throughout the day.

It’s just a kick in the pants that there’s not much more to Lovely Weather We’re Having.

lovely weather we're having review

I’m not new to these “goal-free” games, where exploration is your only real objective, but I’m a little disheartened nonetheless.

The game’s world and the people that inhabit it are so well-crafted, that it’s difficult to believe that there isn’t more to discover. Just a little more interaction, please, that’s all I ask.

Don’t let my slight grievances put you off, though. Lovely Weather We’re Having is a gorgeous game to explore, and Glander’s signature art style will appeal just as much to adults as it will to children.

People of a more serene disposition will glean more enjoyment out of Lovely Weather We’re Having than the rest of us, but I suspect that was the intention all along.