Castle Builder II: The Future of Slot Machines


Slot machines are very popular. Even if the number of slot machine enthusiasts has decreased in Las Vegas in the last few years, they are still the biggest money-makers for its casinos. Social slots are played by millions on their computers and smartphones, and further millions play them for real money or fun at hundreds of online casinos. This in spite the fact that slot machines have changed just a little since their invention more than a century ago. This might be one of the reasons why a new generation of casino games is being sought by casino executives on all levels, to present players with more challenging and entertaining games of chance. And Castle Builder II, the best castle building game ever to be fused with a slot machine, may be just what they need.

Another slot machine?

Created by Austrian developer Rabcat and released at the All Jackpots Casino this summer, Castle Builder II is more than a simple slot machine. Usually, slots are the opposite of linear games – they are all “coin, spin, repeat” with no endgame in sight. Castle Builder II, in turn, gives players something they didn’t have before: a goal. They have a map through which they can progress, they have a bunch of achievements to unlock (including a player profile), and they have experience points to gather. In short, Castle Builder II is like the majority of other games – only relying on chance rather than skill.

An almost story

An unknown fantasy world with 15 kingdoms and 75 heiresses and heirs awaits our heroes, the builders of castles. At the start of the game, players can choose one of the two available builder profiles – Sam, the experienced oldtimer who builds the castles extra fast, and Mandy, the enthusiast newcomer who comes with the added value of occasional free spins. There is a third builder, too, a mysterious figure with a broadsword that can be unlocked later in the game. After choosing a builder, players can start building right away: they are taken to the map where they can choose the kingdoms where the castles await to be built.

Building to win

The process of building the castles is done by playing a slot machine game. Aside from credits, players gather the building materials needed to finish the castle – stone, brick, wood, and glass. When all the materials needed are gathered, and the castle is done, the kingdom’s princess (or prince) movies in. The suitors arrive, too, bringing with them their dowry, and a bonus that belongs to the builder in exchange for a job well done.

The new elements Castle Builder II adds to an otherwise repetitive game keep it exciting for hours upon hours. Players are often so absorbed by the game that they forget that they play a slot machine.