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Gun Monkeys Now Gives Free Steam Keys to Un-partnered Players

If you consider yourself someone who supports indie developers and own Gun Monkeys, consider taking some time out to play it. If you run a gaming community, perhaps add it to your rota of games. If you don’t already own it, well, get out there and buy it, get some friends to buy it and have some gun-toting, simian-searing, energy-collecting, one-on-one fun!

E3 2013 – CIG’s Top Picks

E3 2013 has finally come to a close. Now that the show is over and all the games have been announced, I’m going to go over what we felt was best of show at E3 2013 and our own personal favourites. There were almost 200 games announced at this E3, with possibly the most quality titles I’ve personally seen at any E3. Without further ado, here are the five games we here at CIG feel have stolen the show.