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Iridium Studios, There Came an Echo and Widening Access to Videogames

There Came An Echo is an important milestone in making games more accessible to people from all walks of life. It is too early to tell how significant its impact will be for future releases, but Iridium Studios should be commended for taking a gamble, nonetheless.

On The Ninth Day of Christmas We gave To You: Aqua Kitty & Rock Boshers DX: Director’s Cut

If you are a fan of kittens or tea and scones today’s giveaway will be of particular interest! That’s right, we’ve got a double pack giveaway of Tikipod’s Aquakitty Milk Mine Defender DX  and Rock…

On The Eighth Day of Christmas We gave To You: Majestic Nights

Imagine a world where all conspiracy theories are true. Faked moon landings, MK Ultra, and presidential assassinations – all true. Now imagine you’ve found yourself embroiled in these theories and are tasked with finding out…

On The Fifth Day of Christmas We Gave To You: GunWorld

Botanists beware, there are new forms of plants growing, and they are bearing unusual fruit! Gunworld, is a love-letter to the days of the hardcore NES sidescrolling shooter. You’ll be kicking alien ass all over…