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First looks at the hottest indie titles.

Maia – Preview (PC)

After a successful Kickstarter last year, Maia has released into the treacherous waters of the Steam early access. Currently the game includes little more than basic base building, colonist AI, environmental effects and a beautiful lighting engine. Much like dungeon keeper 2 you do not control colonists directly, instead choosing what/where to build and telling your robot where to dig. It is also clearly inspired by Dungeon Keeper 2 as there are many subtle references, the model of robot that you use to dig is called I.M.P after the iconic imps from Dungeon Keeper and the main food source are hyper modified chickens. Much better than the boring old normal chickens of yore!

Kenshi – Preview (PC)

When you hear “open world RPG RTS”, you probably wonder what the hell that means. Well, Kenshi has the general presentation and systems of an rts, allowing you to move units, build a base and battle from a higher plane of existence. Unlike an rts, you’re not controlling a bunch of no-name, replaceable lackeys. Each unit in Kenshi is treated as importantly as the next. This treatment doesn’t end with units belonging to you. Each unit you own and recruit starts no stronger than the weakest of NPCs – though you may be able to recruit some more skilled individuals, for a price. This is where the RPG elements come into play. Each unit has their own unique level, skills and inventory.

Xenonauts – Preview (PC)

Enough about all that, the xenos are here! We’ve spotted a UFO and now we must react. Some birds have been sent out to intercept it, but the UFO is flying over water and we’d lose any salvage if we dropped it out of the sky here. There’s only one thing for it. Using some modernised options that have been implemented in Xenonauts, it’s possible to tell your planes to tail the UFO until it flies over land, meaning you can swoop in for the salvage when it’s grounded. But before you can get your hands on that xenos technology, you better be prepared to deal with any surviving xenos. A select squadron of Earth’s finest have been sent in for the job and they mean business. Armed with the best Earth has to offer, will it be enough to get the tech and get out alive?